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Chaotic United

Chaotic United is a gaming community and Minecraft server that was founded in 2011. I picked up ownership in September 2014 after it closed earlier that same year. It continues to focus primarily on its Minecraft servers.


Elaztek Studios

Elaztek Studios is a small game development studio with big plans. Its origins date back to 2013 with the (awful) name 'Haloman Development'. The Elaztek name was created in 2015, and it launched formally in 2017. It focuses primarily on the Blamite Game Engine.


Ruin Community

Ruin Community is an early Minecraft server that I played on back in 2012. It closed down and was dormant for many years, but later made an effort to reorganize and come back together. I provide to them free hosting for their new Minecraft server, as well as continue to manage the domain.




About me

I'm a dude with too many projects and not enough time.

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Xbox LIVE: haloman5000

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Most places on the internet: haloman30

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