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What is Chaotic United?

Chaotic United (CU) is an online gaming community that was founded in 2010 and gained popularity with its premium and non-premium inclusive Minecraft server, World of Warcraft servers, and custom Runescape servers. Hurricane Craft (HC) was founded in 2013 and closed in the 2014 due to lack of movement. Tidal Wave Gaming (TWG) was founded by former Hurricane Craft administration in 2014 but closed during the same year. Also in 2014, the Nucelar District (ND) community started up as a branched-off community from CU.

Chaotic United shut down after many years of success, but the administration and staff kept the spirit alive with Nuclear District. Since its conception in February of 2014, Nuclear District had become a primarily Minecraft community, and has also specialized in hosting modded Minecraft communities such as Feed the Beast and Resonant Rise. Soon after ND was launched, a former player and donator to CU, Haloman30, decided to bring CU back up from the ruins. Later in 2015, the staff at CU and ND discussed a potential merge. After multiple meetings, ND decided to merge with CU to become as one. After merging with other servers and communities, Nuclear District has also planned to feature TeamFortress 2, Garrys Mod, and Left 4 Dead 2 servers. The online forums serve as an interactive platform for dialogue between the members, and voice servers are implemented to provide an enhanced in-game multiplayer experience. In 2016, ND closed down and is now owned by Haloman30 - who along with his staff team continues to carry the torch forward.

During 2017, heavy shifting of seats and a weak internal structure nearly led to the end of Chaotic United entirely. Luckily, 3 days before CU's birthday, the foot was put down and unity was restored in CU's team, and the drama that ensued for months had reached an end. In June, the long sought goal of obtaining the domain name had been achieved - marking a major turning point for Chaotic United's future. At the end of 2017, Chaotic United re-launched its Minecraft server for 1.12, and continues to expand it better than ever before. During this year, a Beta 1.7.3 server was introduced as well, and development on a new, secret server also began.

As a small, tight-knit community, Chaotic United is ever-changing, continually exploring opportunities for other gameservers. Since 2010 this community has been kept alive by the generous contributions of its members. The community has always sought to reinvest any extra funds into development, and thus it has become a community with enormous potential. We hope that anyone and everyone can find their niche here at the Chaotic United Network.

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