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Galactiminer Minecraft Mod Avalible For Download.

Want a taste of what Galactiminer would be? Then this mod is for you. Yes, there isn't much content, but more will come as it updates. Currently on Minecraft 1.5.2, and Version 1 of Galactiminer Mod. There will soon be a texture pack as well. So check back often!

You can download it here.

Minecraft Mod: Coming soon...

Thats right. A minecraft mod based off of how Galactiminer would be. This, if made, will be made by the same developers of Galactiminer: Haloman Development. Do keep in mind, though: this is NOT confirmed yet, but there is a chance. A confirmation or denial will be posted here. And all future Galactiminer related activity will be posted here.

4/26/2013 - Bad news for many...

Galactiminer is now on hold, unfortunately. But dont worry, the development cycle will resume. When? Days, weeks, months, years even. It's all hard to tell. But, i GARUNTEE it will come back, and for the time being, you'll just have to play some Halo and Minecraft. Sorry about the bad news. But not all hope is lost... see the new opprotunity on the Haloman Development website for those with XNA and/or C# knowledge.

Galactiminer now has its own website! Check back here for Game updates!

Come here somewhere different other than Haloman Development? Here's the haloman development team website: