• Forge World Ultimate 6.0 – It’s Finished

    At long last, the 6.0 release of Forge World Ultimate is finished. Or at least, as finished as it possibly can be. If you don’t care for all the info and stuff, you can download the finished map from the download portal here, or on Nexus Mods. If you do, however, care about some of […]

  • Development Log #3 – Reaching Limits

    So I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that the second beta release of Forge World Ultimate is now available, and includes a handful of new terrain objects. The bad news is that I’ve run into a few issues that are going to likely force me to limit the scope of […]

  • Forerunner VI Development Log #2 – Will it Blend?

    Since the previous post, a LOT has been added and improved. First thing’s first – a vast majority of content from previous versions of the map has been added, with more yet to come. Flat terrain planes, controllable (drivable) bipeds, adding in unavailable vehicle variants, the whole deal. Some of the stuff isn’t in yet […]

  • Forerunner v6 Devlog #1

    At present, I’ve been mostly doing a lot of preliminary work. Due to MCC Reach having a lot of new “Thorage” items, the existing forge menu already had the maximum amount of top-level categories. As a result, I’ve decided to just rebuild the entire forge menu from the ground up. Admittedly, I was likely going […]

  • – v6 (MCC Edition)

    Whew, it’s been a few years, huh? Some of you might recall this old “” project of mine. For those unfamiliar, I started the map back before I had half a clue what went into modifying maps – and the idea in the very beginning was to try and add a variety of new content with […]

  • [WIP] Forerunner V – Final Iteration

    After over a year of nothing, I think it’s finally time to make one final edition of this hefty mod compilation. After 4 other major versions that all collapsed under their own weight, this time I plan to get this thing finished on my terms. Unlike the past 4 versions, I’m doing something that really seems like […]

  • Forge World Ultimate v4.1 (with mapmaking troubles)

    Forge World Ultimate Edition now at v4.1 – with some issues.   Gonna be blunt, I don’t really know how to continue at this point. Every iteration at this point has continued to reach a point where I am unable to inject a single thing without things breaking. V3 suffered from this hence the rewrite, […]

  • Forge World Ultimate (aka Forerunner v4)

    It’s back! The insane forge playground has returned, now being titled Forge World Ultimate Edition.   Go ahead, have a look at the screenshots: Reveal hidden contents ” Covenant Capital Ship – While it does spawn it also seems to be very taxing on the Xbox resources, as it becomes impossible to spawn more objects afterward (and […]

  • Attempt #3

    Well, it’s that time again. A third rebuild of which still fails to live up to the name in any way shape or form! Screenshots:   Reveal hidden contents Cvilian Bipeds Most of the added vehicles and bipeds, non-injected SCARAB RUN More Skulls and more Bipeds SABRE ADDED WOO Hold RB to take control […]

  • – After rebuild

    I spent the night re-creating everything from scratch, and got all original stuff working again. (THERE WONT BE ANY MORE BLOGS FOR A BIT SO I DON’T SPAM THE BLOGS BLOCK ON THE FORUMS) (I’ll just update this one) Motorcycle now works: Reveal hidden contents This plane whose bitmap didn’t work even with the new […]