In order to keep Project: Infinity from recieving copyright assault, ALL interested in taking part in developing the game MUST be required to read THIS.

That is all.

2/18/2016 - It's been a while, hasn't it?

Haloman Development is officially shutting down, for good.

This is not the end of us, though. We have moved on to a new era.

We are now Elaztek Studios. Our mission is just getting started. This website will stand as a monument of the groundwork for a new studio.

Project: Infinity, fan made Halo Game.

Inspired by Project: Contingency, we are VERY happy to announce that an even BIGGER project than Galactiminer is now being prepared: Project: Infinity. Keep in mind, the current name for this is NOT the final name. The project codename is subject to change at any time. 

A Project: Infinity Community Site is also being built. A link will be posted here when it is complete.

Galactiminer Minecraft Mod Now Avalible For Download

Want a taste of what Galactiminer would be? Then this mod is for you. Yes, there isn't much content, but more will come as it updates. Currently on Minecraft 1.5.2, and Version 1 of Galactiminer Mod. There will soon be a texture pack as well. So check back often! 

You can download it here.

7/16/2013 - Apologies for inactivity

haloman development offers its sincerest apologies for the seemingly inactive website. Due to Galactiminer being at a complete standstill, if there are no developers signing up as of July 30'th, 2013, Galactiminer will be cancelled until further notice. However, Halomand Development still owns Galactiminer. In the future,  we may start back up again. And don't forget, anything you want to tell us, you can submit in "Contact Us" tab. And Galactiminer has its own site there. you can find it here.

Like us on facebook!

Look at the top of all this news.

5/3/2013 - 2 versions???

Small dev signup update, PC now in development. Sorry Xbox fans, not quite there yet. The PC version will be written in Java. Check new signup....thing.


Great news! Galactiminer development has been continued! Dev's and teseters are still being accepted, and a trailer will be avalible as soon as possible.

 4/30/2013 - Just to clear things up...

Well, since some people are not clear with this, Galactiminer is NOT CANCELLED! IT IS ON HOLD. Meaning almost all development is on pause. For those who would be generous enough, we are accepting game developers. No, you will not be paid unforunately. But as i said, you can still play a HUGE role in this game. And provided i can get it implemented, special, unlockable weapons will be avalible for many outsanding things, names of them are not decided, but remember, we're not gone. Any form submissions are read by me, rest assured. and if email is submitted, you will recieve an email soon. To apply as a developer,  go to the "Make your Mark!" tab.

4/26/2013 - Bad news for many...

Galactiminer is now on hold, unfortunately. But dont worry, the development cycle will resume. When? Days, weeks, months, years even. It's all hard to tell. But, i GARUNTEE it will come back, and for the time being, you'll just have to play some Halo and Minecraft. Sorry about the bad news. But not all hope is lost... see the new opprotunity for those with XNA and/or C# knowledge.

Galactiminer's Own Website-With Forums!

BRACE FOR IMPACT! Galactiminer's website is here! And we have forums!

4/16/13-Now on Facebook!

Have you heard? Halomam Development is now on facebook!

4/14/2013-Launch Day


Haloman Developmet is up and running, and we've got big plans. currently in development, we have an Xbox LIVE indie games title. Look down for more info.

Our indie title

Galactiminer (INDEV)-

This game was classified by the community with the following category scores - Violence=_/3, Sex=_/3, Mature Content=_/3.  In this game, you are in a world of Sci-Fi adventure, action, and construction. Build. Fight. Win. Glacticraft is like a mix of Halo and Minecraft! Only for [PRICE PENDING]!